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 Non-vascular Plants

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Links and Miscellaneous Stuff

The Smallest Page on the Web

Pond Life Identification Kit 

Online Freshwater Algae Key - ALGAL ED

Seemingly green water in a pool. Interested? Click here.

Blotches on a sidewalk.  Interested?  Click here.



                                                    Cyanophyta Click here for Introduction to the Cyanobacteria

                     click here for our images of cyanophytes
                  click here for short, excellent article on bacteria (incl. cyanobacteria) from Micscape Magazine
Chroococcales Gleocapsa - Cyanobacteria, Gleocapsa
Merismopedia - click here
Chamaesiphonales Chamaesiphon - Cyanobacteria, Chamaesiphon
Oscillatoriales Lyngbya  - http://www-cyanosite.bio.purdue.edu/images/lgimages/LYNGBYA2.JPG
Nostocales Nostocaceae
Cyanobacteria, Nostoc
Cyanobacteria, Scytonema
click here
http://www-cyanosite.bio.purdue.edu/images/lgimages/GLOET1.JPG - Gloetrichia with akinete and terminal heterocyst

Cyanobacteria as Human Food         Spirulina Home Page                                                                     

Other Links Escape Video - shows detachment from sheath as an escape from predator
Cyanosite - main web site for cyanobacteria
Gelatinous lichen with cyanophyte photobiont (from U.S. Forest Service)
Biological soil crusts - from www.soilcrust.org
Cyanobacteria and cryptobiotic crusts

Nitrogen fixation - from the Univ. of Edinburgh's Microbial World web site archive


Rhodophyta Click here for Introduction to the Rhodophyta

Our images of freshwater red algae in Alabama (Caloglossa, Compsopogon, Batrachospermum, Audouinella)
Micscape Magazine article on Batrachospermum  



click image below

euglenacm3.jpg (9275 bytes)

Protist Images: Euglenida: Euglena
Euglenophyta, Euglena

click image below
(from puddle 2/13/99)

phacuscm.jpg (40827 bytes)

Protist Images: Phacus
Euglenophyta, Phacus

click image below
(from puddle 2/13/99)

trachecm.jpg (38102 bytes)

Protist Images: Euglenida: Strombomonas
Euglenophyta, Trachelomonas


Dinophyta Click here for Introduction to the Dinoflagellata


  Dinoflagellates web page

Red Tides 

Links to a few of the many web pages on Pfiesteria
The Fuss Over Pfiesteria

Pfiesteria and Harmful Algal Blooms in the Mid-Atlantic
Harmful Algae Research at the Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology
Pfiesteria No Hysteria






Chlorophyta Click here for Introduction to the Green Algae

Our images of Chlorophytes are below.  Click on images to enlarge.

Chlorella as an endosymbiont in Hydra 
from local water garden.
chlorohydra.jpg (79303 bytes)
Closterium, a desmid with polar vacuoles & ridged chloroplast
see also this nice desmid article: Desmids

see also for nice line drawings of desmids the following:
The British Desmidieae 1848 - adapted for the internet
closteri.jpg (74381 bytes) closteriumnuc.jpg (49040 bytes)
Cladophora found attached to rock in waterfall cladcmp.jpg (77136 bytes)  
Coleochaete collected as epiphyte on Elodea in local

water garden.  This specimen has long setae.

cole08.jpg (30791 bytes) coleochaete3.jpg (74552 bytes) coleochaete1.jpg (90697 bytes)
Draparnaldia from Tenn-Tom Waterway drep01.jpg (80813 bytes)  

The "bird bath alga" collected from local bird bath
See also Micscape Magazine article

haem.jpg (37082 bytes) haemotococAkinete.jpg (10982 bytes)
Mougeotia with axial, laminate chloroplasts mougeo.jpg (82257 bytes)  
Oedogonium from local water garden     oedgonholdf.jpg (27620 bytes)0ed002.jpg (54661 bytes)oedcmbo.jpg (63586 bytes)
Pediastrum collected from outdoor goldfish pond pediacmp.jpg (47852 bytes)  
Pleurotaenium from local water garden pleurotaenium.jpg (12942 bytes)
Spirogyra conjugating (Feb. 13, 1999) from puddle spirocnj.jpg (54109 bytes)  
Spirogyra showing nucleus and pyrenoids spircmbo.jpg (72099 bytes)  
Stigioclonium collected from outdoor goldfish pond stigicmp.jpg (75663 bytes)  
Trentepohlia, a terrestrial alga seen at King Srping:
 See web site link:  Trentepohlia (University of Paisley: Biodiversity Reference)
Zygnema from puddle
see also this nice article: Zygnema - an attractive freshwater algae
zygnmcmb.jpg (57506 bytes)  

zygnem.jpg (103005 bytes)

Ulothrix from golf course puddle ulothrix.jpg (10013 bytes)  


Chrysophyta Click here for Introduction to the Chrysophyta

Synura from ditch (2/14/99) synucmp.jpg (67066 bytes) click image to enlarge
Tribonema from puddle (2/13/99) tribocmb.jpg (36480 bytes) click image to enlarge
Vaucheria from golf course pond Vaucheriacm695.jpg (92550 bytes) Vaucheria.jpg (27546 bytes) click image to enlarge


Bacillariophyta Click here for Introduction to the Bacillariophyta
see also

Melosira from wet ditch melosira.jpg (61582 bytes) Melosiraaux.jpg (43296 bytes)
click images to enlarge

The Algae Home Page / Dept. Botany, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
Algae Image Index - a web site from Ohio University, excellent micrographs illustrating the major groups of algae.
Seaweed Site