Tina Hubler



My research involves comparing human and other primate DNA sequences associated with reproduction and stress. We have previously studied promoter sequences regulating the expression of chorionic gonadotropin in humans and the New World primates S. boliviensis and A. trivirgatus. We found that the promoter activity partially explains how chorionic gonadotropin can be expressed in both the pituitary and placenta in New World primates. This is in contrast to humans, where it is expressed only in the placenta. Currently we are studying the promoter sequences of glucocorticoid receptor- associated proteins that are involved in stress and immune function. Our goal is to determine whether the promoter sequences can partially explain the differential expression of these proteins in humans and in New World primates.


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National Center for Biotechnology Information GenBank submissions

JX503530  Saimiri boliviensis FKBP5 gene promoter, 2012.

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GU117708  Saimiri boliviensis chorionic gonadotropin promoter and cds, 2009.

GU132857  Saimiri boliviensis secretogranin II promoter and cds, 2009.

Supplemental Materials

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