Mark Puckett's Teaching

I teach several courses at the University of North Alabama, including Earth Science (ES 121), Physical Geology (ES 121), Historical Geology (ES 132), Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (ES 441), and Applied Paleontology (ES 421) and I will be teaching several more courses in the future. All of these are fantastic courses that you should sign up for because we talk and learn about something that is incredibly fascinating--the planet Earth. Underscoring my philosophy of teaching Earth science is that the different components of our planet--the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere--are intimately connected. For example, the shifting distribution of the continents, driven by plate tectonic processes, directly affects the circulation of the atmosphere and the oceans, all of which controls the distribution of the living organisms. I believe that an appreciation of the connectedness of the components and cycles of our planet gives us a much better appreciation of the effects humans can have the planetary system. Learning about these systems and how they have changed through time is, hopefully, a good foundation for a life-long learning experience. 










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